Niagen you with Ingredients: What you need to know

Niagen is a natural supplement, brand licensed Chromadex and protected by several external packaging and distribution companies. Niagen advertises itself as the first and only commercially available model Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), which has been marketed for health benefits and control of their aging.
There was a lot of interest surrounding Niagen, and this is why we take the time is everything to learn, to learn more about this supplement. Specifically, we will see what contain Niagen, and how they can help you.


1 Ingredients Niagen
2 Benefits Ingredients
2.1 1. Mitochondrial Health
2.2 2. Anti-Aging
3 In the end


Ingredients Niagen

Niagen has the ingredients, this is a nicotinamide riboside (NR). This component is in contrast to the standard extension that contains several ingredients, including steroids and allergens. Now you may wonder what is the national report, and why it is important for you.
Well, NR is a natural vitamin B3, which is known as a prelude to NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide); if you take NR changed to NAD + in your body. The NR connect addition in their mitochondria of gene regulation in energy production.

As just mentioned, the NR is converted to NAD + in your body. So what is the NAD +? Well, NAD + metabolism is found in human cells, which play an important role in ensuring the health of the mitochondria. NAD + helps in cellular energy production and the level of mitochondria during the metabolism. Mitochondria in the cells need to maintain effective communication of energy and your health at an optimal level, and therefore works NAD + to support your mitochondria.

So why not take the supplements only NAD +? NAD + can not be consumed directly, so you need not to take any in supplement form, so that it can be transformed into NAD + in your body.

Benefits Ingredients

NR supplements do not offer many health benefits, including improved durability, performance, and weight control, and the function of the heart and blood vessels, and cognitive function, and nervousness. NR also appears to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood to help and improve the cell metabolism.
It is to achieve all these benefits without flushing, which is a common side effect of niacin.

1. Mitochondrial health

NR is working to improve your mitochondrial health, so that the “power of cell stations in a workbook optimal level. In addition, it aims to provide NR new mitochondria to replace mitochondria depleted shop in the cells of the body. In addition, if your energy cells in missing, they are not able to fight disease. therefore, does not work caused by free radicals to fight disease and cell damage by maintaining the health of your mitochondria.

2. Anti-Aging

As you grow older your NAD + levels up to 50% of the fall through. And therefore you do not have the potential to increase NAD + your levels. NR has anti-aging linked to, more specifically, with the ability to stop the aging process and vice versa. When NAD + NR Booster allows for the transfer of the energy efficiency of the food to the cells so that they can work well. Moreover, NAD + to stop the genes that speed up aging, so NR supplement the fountain of youth.
Depleted mitochondria will lead to fatigue in the elderly, and therefore the need to promote mitochondrial health. Do not play an important role in anti-aging due to loss of inhibition of cellular energy associated with age and increase the length of your age. NR will also enhance their endurance and cognitive function, and prevent brain atrophy. This is the reason that NR is the only element in the Niagen because it proves anti-aging one direction.

In the end

Here you have; forming component Niagen. As you can see, it promises excellent NR health benefits, and increase levels of NAD + and enhance the function of mitochondria. We do not know all the benefits that NR has to offer, such as studies to discover still more things about this metabolism.
Fortunately, we can begin consuming NR immediately Niagen. So if you are looking for anti-aging benefits of comprehensive health benefits, Niagen is to go a good way.

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