What are you Niagen with nicotinamide riboside?

Vaunted component in Niagen is nicotinamide riboside (NR). In fact, Niagen says that the first and the only one of which NR commercially available shape. Now, this statement here shows uniqueness, making you want to buy a product that is unmatched in the market. But what exactly is NR? What can we do for you?
Well, it is my duty to answer this question, I will do so below. We have conducted extensive research on this subject, and so you can be sure that objective and detailed below replies.

Niagen are prepared ChromaDex supplement containing NO. Long-term benefits of this compound is to be discovered, and that is why ChromaDex has taken the first step in the marketing of it.


1 NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)?
2 Definition of
2.1 1. NR anti-aging
2.2 2. NR in Niagen
2.3 3. NR Studies
3 Conclusion

Definition of

NR is the natural metabolism of vitamin B3 is happening and that is a precursor to NAD +. What this means is that to convert NO to NAD + in our bodies.

Moreover, there has been shown in the regulation of mitochondrial genes and the impact on energy production.

NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)?

NAD + is an important metabolite in all human cells. NAD + is essential for the health of your mitochondria, they play a key role in energy production and cellular metabolism. As you know, the mitochondria is the power center of the cell, as it converts food (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) into energy. It is therefore necessary to check the performance of mitochondria in optimal conditions.
How your NAD + age levels fall, so NO seeks to promote these levels.


1.NR anti-aging

NO was not directly related to reverse the aging mechanisms. As mentioned above, NAD + allows for the transfer of energy from the food we consume in the functions of important cell. Also converts NAD + genes that speed up the aging process. As we age, we have NAD + levels fall and the functions of the mitochondria are not optimal. Over time, we will find that the majority of exhausted from the mitochondria, and thus reduce the stimulus and fatigue in the elderly.
As is known NAD+ NR supportive way seems to be to reverse this process and anti-aging. By increasing the NAD + with NO, there is a possibility to develop a strategy that will effectively prevent the cellular energy loss with aging. NR presents itself as a way to combat aging, of youthful vigor and length of life to improve other benefits.
Studies have shown that NO, genes are switched off, causing aging, so you can increase your life, and perseverance, energy and cellular cognitive function. NO also activates sirtuins, enzymes that regulate cell aging process. Benefits slowdown and reverse NO are the reason that it is included in the Niagen. In addition, all of this without a rash and skin redness realized why niacin is connected.

2.NR in Niagen

If you’ve read about the supplement Niagen, then you will see that NR describes as “any form of flow” of niacin and NAD + enhanced. The presence of NR in Niagen it has many health benefits to those who use them, such as an increase in performance, stamina, weight control, and cognitive function, heart health and neurological and anti-aging.
NR to increase levels of NAD + without causing redness, which is a side effect of niacin. By increasing levels of NAD +, NR aims to improve your health and the creation of new mitochondria mitochondria. It should also maintain a healthy level of cholesterol and prevent the cells from free radical damage.

3.NR studies

The first studies of the benefits of anti-aging centered NR for yeast, and there were also clear results with mice. There are also studies with NR and its ability to protect brain cells from the aging process, and this can have a big impact on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia research. NR studies have not yet been completed, and the results anxiously awaiting.


As you can see, NR advanced form of vitamin B3, through the increase in NAD + levels to improve the work and function of mitochondria. Although the studies are still ongoing, NR has proven itself as a viable element in the search for a cure for anti-aging.
By completing Niagen with NR, is the hope that you take advantage of a variety of health benefits. I hope that I have answered all the questions with respect to the NR Niagen.

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