What is Niagen The Health Benefits?


Niagen is a natural supplement that comes to us courtesy of ChromaDex that have been announced in the first and the only form of NR (riboside nicotinamide), which is available commercially. This includes the supplement of vitamin B3 NR metabolism, which plays a crucial role in the health of mitochondria and cellular communication.

NO is the only ingredients in the Niagen, and that was for a number of health benefits, including improved muscular endurance, energy, metabolism, and brain health, heart health, and only a small number linked. Niagen itself has developed a special supplement, and under will try to determine whether the issue of the benefits of this supplement is the real closer. So if you want to know the reasons why you should take Niagen, continue to read the article below.


1 What is (NR) riboside nicotinamide?
2 NO and cellular aging
3 Niagen What are the advantages?
3.1 Niagen benefits Conclusion


What is (NR) nicotinamide riboside?

Niagen claims that it does not contain any stimulants or toxins or allergens, and that the only ingredient in the supplement is NR. What exactly is NR? Well, NR is the metabolism of vitamin B3, which is converted to NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) in the body. NAD + critical to the health of your mitochondria, and as you know Mitochondria are the power plants of our cells.

So why not just take the NAD + held directly NR? Well, NAD + can not be consumed directly, because it can not survive our digestive system. This is why we NR in supplement form, so that it can be transformed into NAD + When you enter our bodies.

Niagen therefore, gives us a way NAD + safe for consumption and effectively.


NR cellular aging

Niagen sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth, due to the fact that NR has been linked to anti-aging in contact. When we were young, we have rich amounts of NAD + in our cells. This NAD + is what gives us energy and a youthful appearance. However, we are in the age of NAD + and almost 50%, and this prevents the mitochondria of the right to communicate our cells. When this happens, we will feel the loss of energy, loss of motivation, we are also vulnerable to disease, free radicals, and degenerative diseases such as dementia.

Graying Therefore, fatigue, wrinkles, disease, memory loss, and death can be linked to each NAD + levels depleted. One way is to stop and reverse this process by increasing the levels of NAD +, which may occur through the consumption of NR. Therefore Niagen NO contained in this supplement, so you can take advantage of the benefits of ant aging.

What are the advantages of Niagen?

NR is a precursor to NAD +, which is to our health Mitochondria are crucial in the end of the public health. Each capsule contains 250 mg of Niagen NR, and increasing the NAD + your levels. This increase of NAD + provides exceptional advantages for the health of the body, especially on the muscular endurance, brain health, metabolism and anti-aging. We will discuss this in detail below.

1. Do not activate sirtuins that. A class of proteins that promote mitochondrial activity so that free radicals do not damage your cells This is in contrast to the relationship with cell damage when it actually happened.

Also it enhances 2. Under Niagen mitochondrial function to stop the effects of aging and vice versa.

3. NR supports cholesterol levels for a healthy heart and blood vessels are good.

4. Niagen promotes brain health and prevent degeneration that comes with age (dementia and Alzheimer’s disease). This is achieved by inhibiting the degeneration of nerve cells to transmit data. Moreover provides nerve Niagen.

5. Niagen is a nerve cell health, and to maintain and improve cognitive function.

6. Niagen increases cellular metabolism, which in turn increases the production of energy at the cellular level.

The cause also Niagen 7. High-fat diet has been shown to reduce weight gain by increasing your total energy consumption. And best of all, there is no need for you to go on a diet or exercise to change your routine.

8. Niagen has been associated with better sleep, improved memory, fewer wrinkles, lack of appetite, bright eyes, daydreaming, low muscle pain, happy / positive attitude and increased moisture in the skin.

Niagen benefits Conclusion

Everyone is different, so the benefits that I have described above, more in some and less powerful in other countries. According to many users of Niagen to experience in just one day some of these benefits, while others took longer start changing health benefits experience. My advice would be to wait for 30 days before making your final decision on Niagen. good luck!

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