You Niagen Side Effects: Is there?

And increased demand for supplement, there has been an increase in the proportion of supply. Unfortunately, the power supply includes not only high-quality supplements, because many manufacturers have flooded the market with a negative impact on consumers of inferior products.
It is therefore necessary to pay special attention to the supplement that you plan to use. Annex to talk about below Niagen so quickly on dietary supplements on the market, and one which has become the most talked about. The question is whether this supplement is real, or whether. A scam and we will reply to this question Niagen the selection below. Enjoy!


1 What are the side effects of Niagen?

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What are the side effects of Niagen?

The Niagen do not know the side effects, but there were reports that Niagen is just a placebo supplement. If you reviews on Amazon and other sites on the internet are looking, I saw a lot of one-star reviews from people who claimed they had been subjected to any change in their energy, and weight, appetite, and public health.


Niagen is part of a natural complement Chromadex. This supplement is a bottle and distributed by third-party companies, but the prices are more or less the same in all areas. Unlike other supplements on the market, and are limited to Niagen NR (Nicotinamide Riboside). This ingredients is what Niagen than its competitors, such as NR connected to many health benefits, and anti-aging.

Now that I have mentioned only element of Niagen, you may wonder what is the NR and why it is important for you. Well, NR vitamin B-3 metabolism, which was discovered only recently. NR is a precursor to NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), which means that if you consume NO will be converted to NAD + in your body.

It has been proven NAD + to be an essential element of health mitochondrial function, and they are working to improve the energy and other advantages healthy communication within the cells of the body to promote. By supporting your mitochondria (cell power), and can be NAD + provide a wide range of health benefits and anti-aging. These benefits include improved cardiovascular health, brain health, metabolism and energy, stamina and performance. Moreover, working NAD + to halt and reverse the effects of aging, including loss of motivation, fatigue, wrinkles, weak bones, muscle weakness, and even dementia.

You may be wondering why you can not just take a direct NAD +. Well, NAD + is able, your digestive system to survive, which means that it must be taken to complete the NR in shape so that it can be transformed into NAD + in your body. So Niagen gives you the opportunity to increase the current NAD + levels, so you can a variety of benefits experience.

It niagen contain 250mg of NR (living cell Brand Research), which increases the NAD + your levels. This increase is the wide range of benefits, and this is what we’ll see below. Here are the benefits of the establishment confirms Niagen:

1. prevents the cells caused by free radicals that damage
2. enhances cardiovascular health through health support level of cholesterol in the blood
3. improves the production of cell metabolism and energy, in addition to increasing spending on energy
4. encourage weight management, stamina and performance
5. prevent age-related atrophy of the brain and improves cognitive function
6. help stop and reverse the effects of aging
7. improves sleep, strengthens a positive attitude, and reduces appetite


As you grow older your NAD + levels will be depleted, you will need to find a way to increase if you want to suffer from age-related diseases and low energy levels. Niagen provides a way for you to stop and reverse aging. NR supplements although it claims that Niagen has no real health benefits, it must be remembered that the services from one person to another. Therefore, the contract must be tested for themselves before making a final decision. good luck!

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